7 Must-Have Accessories For Walkie Talkies

Compact, sturdy, trendy, effective and full of features, a professional walkie talkie offers all necessary attributes of a communication device . It helps people stay connected and offers effective and smooth communication whether we leverage it in an office setup, a trek or an event. However, for the device to deliver maximum efficiency, it requires a few accessories. These accessories offer longevity to the device, privacy to the user and a lot more. Thus, it is essential to invest in some accessories too along with the walkie talkie. Here are 7 accessories that you must invest in with your two-way radio.

Spare Battery

Walkie talkies nowadays offer you really long battery life. Consider Vertel’s walkie talkies that offer a battery life of up to 18 hours with only a 2-hour charge. However, there might be certain  situations where one might not have access to charging the walkie talkie even after 18 hours, such as trekking. Thus, spare rechargeable batteries prove to be useful assets then, allowing you to double or triple the battery life for your long range walkie talkies.


Earpieces obviously make communication much easier, you do not have to hold the walkie talkies and can communicate while doing something else too, like driving, working, etc. Opt for the ones with a mic for easy communication. These earpieces fit perfectly in the ear and mic falls close to the mouth. It also acts as the perfect device for loud-environments where the earphone can offer more clarity of voice. Thus, it’s rather useful to invest in walkie talkie headphones. 

Bone Conduction

The bone conduction earpiece too works to make communication easier and handsfree. It sits comfortably on the edge of the ear and mike again reaches close to the mouth. The most fascinating part about this accessory is how it picks up not the vibration of your voice but actually the vibration in your jawbones and cheekbones to help you communicate. These are suitable for the police and military for they leave the ear open for one to be aware of the surroundings yet help in communication.


Of course, a charger is definitely a must have and in most cases it would come free with your best range walkie talkie. With Vertel, however, you don’t actually need a separate charger for your devices because Vertel’s walkie talkie LF and TT, can be charged using the universal Type C chargers, making it much easier to charge your devices.

Remote Speaker Microphone

A remote speaker microphone makes communication easy and incorporates all; loudspeaker, microphone, and push-to-talk (PTT) button in a compact, lightweight device. It comes with a wire that is attached to your walkie talkie. Many RSMs also offer a number of features from volume control buttons to a jack to attach earpieces. Thus, this device surely acts as an added benefit for your best budget walkie talkie. 

External Speaker

The external speakers too act almost like RSMs and help with easier communication by connecting to the walkie talkie. Again they are lightweight and easy to hold devices that help improve walkie talkie communication.

Protective Outer Cover

A protective outer cover is always an important accessory for your walkie talkie. It ensures that your device stays protected from dust, pollution or water from getting into the device and reducing the device’s life. While Vertel offers sturdy walkie talkies that are also waterproof, it is always better to keep your devices protected. Thus, it is advisable to get a good quality cover for your handheld walkie talkies.

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