Walkie Talkie Headsets Can Give You More Than Just An Earful

Walkie Talkie Headsets are a relatively new invention compared to the overall history of walkie talkies. These radio transceivers were originally invented during the second world war by a couple of guys named Donald Hings and Alfred Gross along with some engineering teams from Motorola and were originally called the handie talkie. After the war they were used in various police departments and eventually spread to the workplace especially construction sites where the work force could be spread out.

They started out being worn as a backpack and were bulky due to having to run on a vacuum tube system. Wow, how times have changed! They are now so mass produced that they actually hit it big in the toy market several years ago. Walkie Talkies run on the UHF frequency and have superheterodyne receivers and are now used for both business and pleasure. They are now used in marine operations on small boats and even small planes use them where mounting bigger radio equipment is not possible.

There are many feature and accessories available on today’s mobile radio’s such as many types of rechargeable batteries with drop in chargers, charging units that can recharge up to 6 talkies at a time and an audio accessory jack that can be used for both headset attachment or speaker microphones.

The newer walkie talkie headsets are used with VOX ( voice activation capability) so that you can talk while keeping your hands busy doing something else. I found this especially usefully while playing paintball! Of course you can get speaker microphones that can clip to your ear or have pendant type push to talk buttons and these also come with a built in microphone to make it a little easier.

There are a ton of uses for today’s talkies all of which will make your life easier and more productive. I’ve used them, like I mentioned before, playing paintball but also on the golf course, fishing, hiking, camping and just outside with the kids. I’ve also used them in multi-car trips with friends and relatives and that is just skimming the surface of how versatile these things are. Some are very powerful and have ranges of 5 miles or more making these units even more useful for a variety of situations.


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