5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Walkie Talkies for Your Business

Effective communication within businesses can be a challenge no matter what industry you’re in. Important messages can get lost in a sea of emails and posts often making tasks more difficult for both managers and operational employees. Many businesses are moving away from utilising dedicated “work phones” and are choosing to take a simpler route for intra business communication: walkie-talkies. There are many benefits to implementing two way radios for business use in your workplace.


Here are 5 reasons why your business should make the switch:

1. Communication with one – communication with all

Two way radios provide reliable, consistent reception as opposed to smartphones, which often have areas with no service. This ensures everyone is readily available to communicate no matter where they are. Employees don’t have to deal with dropped calls or postponed calls due to bad service with a device that provides them with a constant connection.

Not only can you consistently stay in contact with one person, you can also have conversations with groups of people. Many businesses have to implement methods in addition to smartphones to enable communication between more than two people, such as extra software. All these devices and softwares can be costly. Two way radios for business provide a simple, one step solution, making organisation easier and cheaper.


2. Dependability

Scared of buying your clumsy project manager a work phone after you’ve witnessed them spill water all over their keyboard? No worries – just get a waterproof radio. Two way radios are significantly more durable than your average smartphone so, rest assured, investing in a set will be an investment that will last. You won’t have to worry about paying for screen replacements or entire new devices. This can be particularly useful for anyone working in the elements such as construction teams, lifeguards, park rangers, or even just for your clumsy project manager.


Do you miss your old Motorola brick phone that you charged once every two weeks? Just invest in Motorola 2 way business radios, their battery life is just as good. The battery life of most, if not all, radios will greatly exceed that of any smartphone you could purchase for your business. Managers can be confident that their employees are able to get in contact even when they’ve left their charger at home.

3. Cost effectiveness

Investing in a high-quality set of 2 way business radios is significantly cheaper than purchasing smartphones and phone plans for all of your employees. Some of the best business band radios for sale cost less than one smartphone, let alone devices for everyone in your workplace. Not to mention, they will last longer. Their durability will allow you to disregard the costs associated with smartphone repairs and replacements. Additionally, radios rid you of the need for buying extra communication softwares, saving you even more money. This is an extremely cost-effective investment when considering all the excess costs surrounding conventional communication methods that are currently used in the majority of businesses.


4. No frills communication

Business walkie talkie radios provides a straightforward, no nonsense way of opening up a channel of communication between you and your employees. You can’t waste time scrolling through instagram on a walkie talkie. No apps, no social media – not all employees are guilty of getting distracted by things like these, however removing the temptation from everyone can ensure that no one on your team is wasting time that could be spent productively.

This can not only be a productivity issue, it can also be a safety issue. Most anything can be downloaded on a smartphone which makes them more susceptible to viruses and spyware. Radios containing only pre-approved software allows people to communicate even the most sensitive company information with no fear of devices being hacked and information being leaked.



5. User beneficial

Android users won’t have to learn how to use an iPhone and vice versa. Though showing someone how to use their work phone may seem like a simple, menial task – showing hundreds of people can be time consuming and costly. Two way radios are simple to use and most people already know the basic functions, no matter what age they are. Implementing a consistent method of communication throughout all levels of management promotes the need for only one type of training for everyone in the workplace which, at its core, is not overly complicated.

In addition to a radio’s simple functions, its dependability allows users to go about their day not having to worry about things like their device dying or breaking. This makes utilisation easier as you can just pick up your radio and use it whenever you need to. The user friendliness sets up a communication that is more reliable for everyone involved.


So, rumour has it – walkie talkies are great for your business

These reasons are only some of the ways in which two way radios can streamline the functioning of your workplace. Depending on which industry you are in, there can be a multitude of other benefits associated with implementing this straightforward communication method in your business.

Overall, this simple tool can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Having a reliable, easy method to delegate tasks and discuss key information allows employees to confidently carry out the work that needs to be done. Happy employees are usually more productive employees. Lowering the stress surrounding work for everyone will make for a more organised, more motivated workplace.

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