Troubleshooting Checklist for Two Way Radios

Before you make that service call, check the:


  • Does it PTT (Push To Talk)?
  • Is it plugged in?

Power to radio:

  • For mobile radios: Check under the hood using a volt meter: Do you have 12 volts of power? Do you have ground power?
  • Is everything connected and does equipment look intact?



  • For mobile radios: Is the antenna tightened to the roof of the vehicle?
  • Is it connected to radio?
  • Is the path clear from contacts to the antenna?
  • Is the area under the antenna whip free of corrosion?



  • Is the radio on the proper channel?
  • Are all employees using the correct channels when contacting each other?



  • Is the volume turned up on the unit? (You’d be surprised.)



  • Is the speaker connected to the radio?



  • Is the battery fully charged? You can check battery life in the field with a volt meter.
  • Is the battery on correctly and tightly?
  • Is the battery expired? Check the date.

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