What is the range of a Motorola walkie talkie?

The popularity of smart phones has given people a convenient life and communication. But sometimes, smartphones are not the best way to keep in touch. Especially for teams that need to enable instant messaging without worrying about data restrictions, frequent access to areas where mobile phone reception is not reliable, or need to keep in touch with teams scattered in the same area, you may need to consider investing in remote walkie-talkies.

There are frequent types of walkie-talkies on the market, which can meet different needs and intercom distances. Log in to the shopping platform, we can see different walkie-talkie advertisements, but in fact, some businesses will exaggerate the advertising words.

Before buying a walkie-talkie, how to judge the real distance of the walkie-talkie based on the information given by the merchant?

Because the cost of buying walkie-talkies varies, for example, Motorola’s walkie-talkies are more expensive costs.

Therefore, we need to master certain knowledge before we can buy the walkie-talkie that suits us.

Normally, the distance of the walkie-talkie is related to power, antenna, frequency, etc.The power of walkie-talkies is usually divided into: 0.5W (requirements for license-free machines), 2W, 5W, 10W, etc.Sometimes, we will see 15W written in some advertisements, but this is unreliable. Because the power of 15W is too high, not only the high radiation will affect the normal use of other electronic equipment, but also cause harm to the human body.

In theory, the distance of 2W walkie-talkies can reach about 1-3km, the distance of 5W walkie-talkies is about 3-5km, the distance of 8W walkie-talkies is about 5-8km, and the distance of 10W walkie-talkies is relatively long, about 10-15km.

If you want to reach a greater distance, you can use a power amplifier or repeater to increase the distance of the walkie-talkie.

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