Airtube Earpiece of Walkie Talkie

The walkie-talkie headset is an important and very popular accessory, because if you use the headset, you don’t have to keep the walkie-talkie in your hand, you can free your hands to do more things. Among them, air tube earphones (it is also called acoustic tube earpiece) are also a hot-selling item, but there are many doubts about what is an air-conducting earphone and how they work.

What is a tracheal headset?

The main difference between ordinary headphones and air tube headphones is the way sound enters the ears. Ordinary earphones (such as the earphones that come with Apple phones) are purely wired connections, which will expose your head to greater EMF radiation.

The air duct earphone has a hollow flexible air duct, which can replace the wire from the walkie-talkie to the small earphone. The sound is transmitted to your ears through this air duct, providing you with high-quality sound without being exposed to radiation.

These air tube earphones work on the same principle as traditional earphones, plug into the same port and provide the same functions. Many people even have a microphone, so you can talk while driving, or if you just want to free your hands.

Air tube earphones are a pair of earphones coupled with a microphone with an “air tube” component. Ordinary headphones include a 100% wired connection.

The difference is that the air tube headset usually has a part of a wired component and a part of a hollow flexible air tube to replace the wire. This cable and hollow tube assembly transmits sound from your device (interphone, mobile phone, etc.) to your ears. The uniqueness of the air tube is that it contains no metal.

Like traditional earphones, air duct earphones can be inserted into the earphone jack of the walkie-talkie. There are also many connector types available.

Does it have shortcomings? The answer is yes. No product is perfect. Since air tube earphones use rubber tubes entirely, they are generally not durable. If not handled properly, the tube can be damaged or kinked. Therefore, you have to be more careful than ordinary wires. Most air tube headphones come with a bag to protect them.

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