How to buy a good walkie talkie–FRS/GMRS/PMR446

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How to buy a good walkie talkie


A fan left a message in a private chat, saying that when he first bought a walkie talkie, the title of the walkie talkie included FRS, PMR446, etc. He didn’t know what it meant at the beginning.

FRS/GMRS/PMR446 is the standard for walkie-talkies in different countries and regions. These are legally required to use certain types of radios, and the general public can purchase and use them.

Both FRS and GMRS are American intercom standards.

FRS (The Family Radio Service) is a dedicated two-way two-way short-distance voice and data communication service used to promote family and group activities. The most common use of FRS channels is short-distance two-way voice communication using small handheld radios similar to walkie-talkies. The frequency range is usually 22 channels in the range of 462 MHz and 467 MHz.

GMRS (The General Mobile Radio Service) is a radio service licensed by the FCC. The frequency range is 462 and 467Mhz, it must have FCC certification.

PMR446 is a walkie-talkie of British and European Union standards. It has 8 channels, the frequency is 446Mhz, and the power cannot exceed 0.5W. PMR446 is license-free, which means that any device running on 16 PMR frequencies (channels) can be used by anyone without contacting their local licensing agency.

Different countries and regions have different standards for walkie-talkies. Some countries and regions do not have clear relevant provisions, that is, they are not restricted by power and frequency.

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