How to buy a good walkie talkie–Choose the right power

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In the article on this topic, we have already said how to choose the frequency.

Today in this article, we will mainly introduce how to choose the power you want.

Power is an important aspect when buying a walkie-talkie. Because the power directly affects the talk distance of the walkie-talkie.

Normally, the walkie talkie has 2W、5W、8W and 10W. Some manufacturers will advertise 15W to sell the two way radiio but real professional buyers will know that it is impossible, it is all a gimmick. The actual power of 10W is already very high for handheld walkie-talkies. Even if one or two of them are 15W, it is not recommended to use them. Because too high power will produce strong radiation, which is harmful to the user’s body !

The 2W radio can theoretically reach a talk distance of 1-3KM, the 5W radio can theoretically reach 3-5KM, the 8W radio is 5-8KM, and the 10W radio is 10-15KM. But the specific decision still depends on the local environment.

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