Kenwood TK-2107/ 3107 VHF/UHF Walkie Talkie Compact FM Portable Radios

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    1). Sixteen RF Channels & QT/DQT Tone Keys
    These compact and easy-to-use VHF/UHF portables are available with sixteen RF channels. Each RF
    channel can be assigned a Quiet Talk (QT) and Digital Quiet Talk (DQT) tone key to eliminate unwanted signals. This helps to minimise interference from other users as audio will not be heard if your radio receives a signal with the incorrect tone key.


    2). Rock-Solid Design 
    The TK-2107/3107 is your guarantee of absolute performance in demanding situations as it fully complies with MIL-STD 810 C/D/E standards for resistance to shock, vibration, humidity, dust, and light rain. The aluminium die-cast chassis, sealed case design, and SMA antenna connector withstand rough
    handling to enable these exceptionally rugged radios to provide years of reliable service.


    3). Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth
    The TK-2107/3107 can be programmed for wide or narrow bandwidth operation per radio to accommodate all present and future channel allocations.


    4). Time-Out Timer
    When the preset continuous transmit limit is reached, the time-out timer automatically switches the TK-2107/3107 to receive operation. This limits the transmission talk time of each unit to help reduce channel congestion  and conserve battery power.


    5). Battery-Saver 
    This feature automatically puts the radio in “sleep” mode to conserve power
    when it has been in standby mode (no transmit or receive) for more than the
    preset time limit


    6). Two-Colour LED
    For added convenience, the two-colour LED indicator lights red for transmit and green for an active channel.


    7). Low-Battery Alert 
    The flashing red LED indicator warns you when the battery should be re-charged.


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